Cool Stuff - 2015 edition

I tried to write more throughout the year but never got around to it. I thought i'd finish off the year with a post for the entire year.

A lot of the times with end of the year lists the things in the earlier months of the year get forgotten (did that really happen in 2015 felt like so long ago) so with that in mind here are some of my favourite things from 2015.

Favourite article

What is code?
Paul Ford does an excellent job of building up the world of software. This is great material for when I want to explain things. Software is in the news often and its tricky to explain things like algorithms to people. For example I tried to explain to a friend the difference between client vs server side code and to a friend and he ended up more confused.

Favourite Book

The Martian - Andy Weir
I finished quite a few books this year. The entire Malazan series (9000 pages). Cryptonomicon / Snow crash by Neal Stephenson. But my favourite has got to be The Martian. Great humour and a gripping story all set in space my favourite combination. The movie was also great this year as someone who had read the books I still enjoyed it.

Favourite Mix

Lots of great tracks in here. Just an overall great mix.

Favourite Track

I discovered this track pretty late. But enjoyed it a lot.

Favourite Place

Whistler has been amazing so far. Unlike last season the temperature has remained below freezing much more consistently this season resulting in a larger snow pack and great pictures like this.

Favourite Board Game

2015 was the year I finally understood the meta in 7 Wonders. This game is great I enjoy it way more then Catan. I feel like I get the same enjoyment without having to spend twice the amount of time. My games never look as neat as the one below though.

Favourite Coffee shop

Omtesando koffee in Tokyo.

This place was insanely hard to find. We circled the block 3 times and even with the help of locals we only found it because a french couple were just about to enter. I just read that it's closing soon so I'm happy I was able to visit. The coffee was great I had an iced mocha, I wish it was cold enough to enjoy a hot drink.

Favourite food

I had so much yummy Unagi this year. One of my favourite meals was an Unagi Don in a tiny restaurant near where I was staying in Tokyo. The staff actually recommended we watch the video below before we ate our meal. I had the same meal in the video.

And just look at this unagi right here. So tasty.

Favourite Youtube channel

The world is full of such ridiculousness and a lot of that ridiculousness can be found on youtube. H3h3 productions takes that and points out just how hilarious it all is.

Favourite piece of software

AWS Lambda
In a small company you end up wearing a lot of hats. And one of the hats that you end up wearing more often is the operations hat. Having to worry about deployed servers,cpu usage, scaling etc is a pain I'd rather not have. Amazon tries to solve some of that with Lambda which allows you to run javascript/python without having to worry about any of that. I've deployed some production code to it and its sweet. Its once piece of our infrastructure I no longer have to worry about.