Cool Stuff - Feb 2016


What google learned from its quest to build the perfect team
Teams are hard. The bonds you form with others when working in a team can be the foundation lasting relationships. Charles Duhigg shares the research Google did to figure out what successful teams at Google do differently. He talks about how we form these bonds and how we can apply that to the teams we work in.

The Rich Are Already Using Robo-Advisers, and That Scares Banks In Canada the Tax Free Savings account is awesome. Using it with a Robo advisor is double awesome. It's a simple strategy and having the benefit of it all automated is super convenient. In Canada we have WealthSimple they let you fund your RRSP/TFSA through them and will automatically manage which ETFs to hold depending on your risk level.


Pressure Cooker Pho
I made this a few weeks ago and damn is it easy. The onions / jalapeños / cilantro / chicken all combine for an amazing broth. The flavours are absolutely perfect on a cold winter day. Serious Eats delvers again with a great recipe.
p.s. If you find cilantro tastes like dish soap I feel so so sorry for you.


Fair Settlers - Create fair maps for settlers of catan
This little website is created by Yours Truly. When playing settlers I like making sure that we use a balanced map to make sure we all have a good start. The website I used to use before was Flash and we'd have to open a laptop just to make the map. With Fair Settlers we can do the same thing from our phones. I also used it as an opportunity to learn React / ES6. I will most likely make a separate post for this project later.

React Native
I've been very hesitant of this. In the past tools that allow you to use html/javascript to write native apps don’t work very well. But React Native is different and I think they got quite a bit right. It didn't click for me at first, already being an iOS developer I didn't see the benefit of switching. But once I started thinking about how I could also write Android apps with it I gave it a real consideration. Oh boy is it awesome. It isn’t perfect, there are still performance issues with large amounts of data but for small apps React native is perfect. They implemented Flexbox for iOS which is way easier than autolayout and the auto reloading feature is pure amazing.


This place is so close to my house that I am almost ashamed I waited so long to check it out. Rock climbing is challenging but very rewarding. What finally convinced me was when I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast and he described it as "The complete opposite of sitting in a desk all day."


A great short story. Watch it till the end.


I discovered this track late night while browsing /r/listentothis. They seem pretty unknown but if they continue to make great stuff like this that wont be for long.