Cool stuff - February 2015 edition

I'm starting to enjoy this. I'm finding I am more activly trying to find new interesting things just so I can share them here. Here is a list of my favourite finds this month.


The Martian - Andy Weir
martian This is a great book. An Astronaut gets stranded on Mars and needs to find a way to survive. It's hard sci-fi. Set maybe 20-30 years in the future (hopefully!) If you love problem solving and a good suspenseful book this one is for you. I'd recommend this book to every software developer. This is one of the books where /theydidthemath.


Bonobo - Essential mix

Great track selection and not the "popular" EDM sound. side note: I really like that bomber jacket he's wearing.

Kings - Years & Years

Can't get enough of this track.


Tim Ferris interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger
A great interview as usual. Arnold is such an interesting guy. He shares a lot about the hustles he did in order to survive before he got famous making movies. The episode is full of great life lessons

Using the location data Google collects from you when you use Google maps either on iOS or Android. Works much better if you use Android. Creates some cool heat maps with it.
The swiss army knife of video downloaders. It can download video,audio from more than just youtube its great. Try giving it the Soundcloud link above and it'll download it with no issues. Want to make a bot that scrapes Soundcloud links from popular music blogs this is your weapon of choice.


brew install youtube-dl  

Done. That simple