Cool stuff - January 2015 edition

I thought it would be an interesting topic to share all the cool things I find month to month. As a way for me to remember all the interesting things I find and as a way to share with friends. Hopefully I can continue this for months to come.


This set is three hours long and awesome start to finish. I love long sets like this as they tend to take their time to build up. The first hour is great for early morning rainy commutes.

I discovered it a little late but the Serial podcast is amazing. I related to Adnan in many ways and found his story absolutly gripping. I drove to Whistler while listing to it and it ended up taking three hours but listening to Serial the whole way I was not even slightly annoyed by the traffic.

I find my self going through a few of the programming challenges every week. A lot of them are simple enough but have a few twists thrown in that make them challenging enough. Once I get far enough in the Objective-C and Javascript ones I want to use exercism to actually learn Swift.

Board Game

Stone Age
I don't have this game yet but watching the TableTop episode with Wil Wheaton has sold me on it. Worker placement games are loads of fun. Trying to optimize the placement of your workers to reap the most amount of resources to score the largest amount of points. It reminds me a lot of writing good software. Trying to write the simplest code to run with the least amount of memory to serve the largest amount of users.