Cool Stuff - Jan 2016 edition


As usual, I'm late to the game when it comes to music. I've been really enjoying drum and base while working and Spor is amazing. His latest album has so many great tracks. Here is my favourite.


Semantic UI
Bootstrap is soooo 2010. I've been working on a few small apps using Semantic UI and have really been enjoying it. I find that I'm writing less html compared to when I was using bootstrap.

I've been writing more front end code this last month and a lot of what is said in this article rings true. My favourite quote

"Chickenshit Minimalism: the illusion of simplicity backed by megabytes of cruft."

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
This was a great hard sci-fi book. If you enjoyed The Martian you will probably like Seveneves. Neal Stephenson does a lot of great world building and explains a lot of science. I learned what an Apsis is.


I've been cooking a lot this last month and have really been enjoying it. My two go to places for recipes are Serious Eats and Smitten Kitchen. Both places are very creative and their recipes are absolutely great.

Sous Vide Chicken salad
This is some revolutionary chicken salad. The key is to sous vide the chicken breast that way it doesn't come out dry. Moist chicken is what separates decent chicken salad from legendary.

Channa Masala
Great vegetarian recipes are always welcome and channa masala is a classic in my household. Learning to make it myself has been awesome and it's actually pretty simple.