Cool stuff - March 2015 edition


I'll be honest I had not heard of Tame Impala until this song. But hot potatoes do I love this.

A Harry Potter fan fiction that serves as a intro to philosophy and much more. All while making fun of the ridiculousness of the wizarding world that most readers just brush over. It has been out for a very long time. But it is finally complete.
I've heard and read a lot about Haruki Murakami and his many books but this is probably the first thing I've read of his. I first stumbled into his work when at a Japanese stationary/book shop. His new book Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki was the first thing I saw when entering. There were hundreds of copies. I made a mental note to check his work out but never got the chance after. This short story by him is touching and the surreal aspects add a sort of mystery to the world.

Now that Facebook is turning off XMPP for messenger finding a way to have a native messenger experience is going to be next to impossible. Thankfully Goofy fills in that native messenger gap. Even if it is just a web app shell.

Stunning free images. Free as in do what you want. A great resource if you want some stunning landscape photos.
To celebrate the release of Madeon's new album he put together this collection of samples. Mix them together to make some cool beats. The development shop that put this together also has the coolest name.


Fresh Powder at the end of March. It's great when you can get up the mountain early. I was the 6th person up the chair that day. The ski season this year has not been the greatest. I'm still happy to get some great snow at the end of March. Blackcomb Mountain B.C.