Cool Stuff Nov 2016 Edition

It's been a cold and rainy month in Vancouver. It has rained for the last 52 out of 57 days! I chose the perfect month to travel. On the bright side, Whistler has had almost 2 meters of snow in the last week alone!

Video Games

This game is a load of fun. It's a local co-op game in the style of Cooking Mama or Diner Dash. Local coop games like this really takes me back to what gaming was like before online gaming took over.


Really digging this track right now. Something about the simple chorus that really gets me.


Singapore Architecture
It's hard to walk a block in Singapore without having to stop and admire an impressive building. Singaporeans take pride in their country and that shows a lot in their civic architecture. This is their metro station "Stadium" near the national stadium of course. Much nicer than Vancouver's stadium station!