Cool Stuff March/April 2016 edition

I forgot to do a March edition so I'll combine this into one.


My Japanese Maple
I got this new tree for my front lawn. Japanese maple are very common here in Vancouver. After I planted mine I started to notice them everywhere. I decided to get a green leafed one instead of the usual red leafed ones you see in most places. In the last 2 months that I've planted it the tree has grown a lot. Hopefully it can survive the summer.


Really enjoying this right now

A great set done live at the Royal Albert hall? Famous trance tracks done with a live orchestra. It's really cool that the BBC can arrange something like this.


Game of thrones is back! Enough said. It is so refreshing to finally have the story move beyond the books for the first time this season.


Golden Ears provincial park and Squamish
It's always great to get out and enjoy amazing views like these. Photo courtesy of Edwin.


Have Software developers given up?
Small mistakes like this are everywhere in software. I think it stems from the new reality where the users are no longer the customers.